WALT: What was the Social Impact of the Industrial Revolution?

Social Impact
Microsoft Power Point presentation [75.6 KB]
Adobe Acrobat document [1.5 MB]

WILFS: Can explain how urbanisation changed life for the majority (C)... Can compare and contrast pre and post Industrial revolution conditions (B)... Can compare and contrast the lives of the rich and the poor (B) ... Can analyse the benefits and challenges of the Industrial revolution (A)


Lesson Development


1. Starter: Pair Up and Rally Robin a list which answers today's WALT Q from what you have learnt so far


2. Stand and Share


3. Study the PPT together


4. Mini Plenary: Pair Share - a) What challenges did the Industrial Revolution create... b) What benefits did the Industrial revolution bring?


5. Individual Reading - study the uploaded pdf document

Take general notes on its contents and specific notes comparing the lives of the rich and the poor


6. Group Tasks: Form 3 groups of 4 students - prepare a micro teaching presentation and activity


One link has been provided for you. You are expected to use more than this AND pages 91-99 of your textbooks


Group A : Child Labour its conditions and the campaign against it


Group B : 'Woman's Work' in factories and Mines


Group C: Public Health and welfare in the industrial towns


Plenary: Paraphrase Passport today's WALT Q

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