WALT: How did the Versailles Treaty cause problems for the Weimar government?

WILFs: Can describe and explain the terms of the Versailles Treaty and their impact on Germany (C)... Can describe and explain Germany reactions to the Treaty (B)...Can assess how the Versailles Treaty caused social, political and economic problems the Weimar government (A)

1. Starter: Promenade your Face Partner and discuss today's WALT then Stand and Share.
2. Watch the clip then make a list of ways under today's WALT in which the Versailles Treaty caused problems for the Weimar Government - share your ideas on your table
Student Instructions Exercise using the 4B's 1. Download the Powerpoint and save your own version in your area

  1. Read through the PowerPoint carefully taking notes where appropriate
  2. In your own version of the PowerPoint edit and complete the tasks on slides 11 and 26
  3. In Word answer the questions posed on slides 14, 15, 16,17, 18 and 35. Save your Word File
  4. Read the extract below by John D Clare on how the Germans reacted to the treaty.
  5. Complete Exercise 1 and Exercise 2 on German Reactions and print
  6. Read the terms of the treaty link then Complete the Summary Exercise and print
  7. Test your knowledge using the Quiz and then the game


By the end of this lesson you should have a PowerPoint presentation you have edited and saved, a Word file of answers to the questions set in the PowerPoint and three print outs from the online activities set.

Plenary- Stand up and form 2 circles Paraphrase Passport today's WALT

Homework: Read, complete and answer the questions on this PowerPoint

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