WALT: How repressive was Lord Liverpool's government 1812-22?

WILFs: Can describe and explain the problems faced by the government and how they dalth with them (C).... Can discuss 'how repressive?' giving supported points for and against (B).... Can come to a supported and convincing judgement (A)


Lesson Development

1. Starter - Pair up and Pair Share the following questions - be prepared to feedback

a) Why was there so much discontent at this time?

b) Describe the protests that took place 1811-20

c) How did Lord Liverpool's Government deal with each protest?


2. Now restudy this PPT together

3. Mini plenary: Either write your own Quiz Quiz Trade cards or get some from Mr Walker


4. Study this link with your Study Buddy - make a list of repressive  and reactionary measures passed by Lord Liverpool's government 1811-22


5. Stand and Share


6. With your Study Buddy - examine the cartoon at the top of the page - what point was the cartoonist making about Lord Liverpool's government?


7. Stand and Share


8. Complete the interactive diagram at the bottom of this external page using your notes from today's lesson


9. Plenary - take a partner from a different table and promenade discussing today's WALT - come to a supported answer of 'Very' 'quite' or 'not very'

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