WALT: How Ageist is Britain?

Microsoft Word document [13.8 KB]

WILFs - Can recall and deploy empirical evidence of age inequality in Britain (C)..... Can describe and explain THEORIES of age inequality (B)..... Can evaluate how ageist is Britain using evidence and theory (A)


Lesson Development


Starter: Complete ther Starter sheets with your Study Buddy then Stand and Share


  Now Study the PPT on Theories of age inequality and take notes - complete the reading and tasks on the last slide


1. Quiz Quiz Trade on Age Inequality

2. Individually create Interactive diagrams on theories of Age Inequality

3. Pair Up and using the worksheet and web links collect evidence of age inequality in the UK - compile a list of 8 pieces of memorable evidence

4. Plenary: Toby with the Quiz Quiz Trade cards - in teams of 4 compete for cards - winners will play off for prizes!


Links for Evidence Collection



Theories of Age Stratification.pptx
Microsoft Power Point presentation [56.1 KB]
age disc.doc
Microsoft Word document [350.5 KB]

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