WALT: How does elite pluralism explain the distribution of power in society?

WILFs: Can list the similarities and differences between classical and elite pluralism (C)...... can compare and contrast elite pluralism to other theories (B).... Can evaluate elite pluralism using theory and evidence (A*)

Lesson Development

Starter: Vision On - Draw a picture as the music plays to depict what you know about pluralism and elite pluralism (no words)... then get 3 different colleagues  to interpret . Coach don't tell!
1. Study this presentation (swf file Flash required)
 2. Complete the Note Share then share results. use your Collins texts
3. Mini Plenary - Round Table a list of similarities and differences between classical and elite pluralism.
4. Complete and print the exercise
6. Plenary: Paraphrase passport today's WALT. Form a circle of 6. Each person must add one point to the answer as you go around the circle. You must also remember and recite the points that went before you before you add yours. the circle can coach but not tell if someone gets stuck.

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