WALT: Who was William Pitt and why did he dominate politics 1783-9 and with what results?

WILFS: Can recall and recount the biographies, beliefs and contributions of key politcal figures including Pitt (D)....Can assess the contextual factors in Pitt becoming PM in 1783 (B)... Can evaluate the success or otherwise of Pitt's financial reforms (A)


Lesson 1 Development


Task one: Working in the following pairs preparing a biography of your assigned political figure onutlining their life story, their beliefs and their influence on politics in this period:


William Pitt the Younger - Kristina and Katie S


Charles Fox - Rhiannah and Ellie


Lord Shelbourne - Katie H and Georgia


Lord Rockingham - Lucy and Holly


Lord North - Chelsea and Georgina Poolington


George III - Gemma Poolington and Emily


Edmund Burke - Idah and Jessica


Note - If you have a Lord - make sure you are researching and writing about the title holder at this time! use the links at the bottom of this page and the textbooks and the library


You have a double lesson and a homework to get this ready - please have a print out made to share with your colleagues on Thursday


TASK 2: Read the Pitt Context PPT and take notes on the context of Pitt becoming Prime minister in 1783


TASK 3: Read pages 29-31 of  BRITAIN 1783-1918 -Make notes on pitt's fimancial and economic reforms - how successful were they?


Monday's Cover Lesson

apologies for my continued absence. Please be assured that all this content will be gone over thoroughly when I return which hopefully will be soon. I need you to keep up with the background reading and note taking.

use both your new textbooks and Britain 1783-1918 to continue to make detailed notes on Pitts financial reforms then try the interactive diagram below.



Pitt Context
Microsoft Power Point presentation [71.5 KB]
Pitt 1783-93
Microsoft Power Point presentation [82.1 KB]

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