WALT: To what extent did the Nazis exert complete control over Germany?

WILFs: Can identify and define key terms and concepts (E)...... Can describe and explain the main institutions (organisations) in the Nazi Police State (D)..... Can give reasons why there was so little opposition to the Nazis 1933-39 (C)... Can evaluate the extent of Nazi control 1933-39 showing an awareness of different historical interpretations (A)

Lesson Development

1. Starter: Rally Robin - Pair up and brainstorm and answer to this question... 'How did the Nazis control the thoughts, opinions and actions of the german people?
2. Watch the video together and add to your lists
3. Share all your points with your table group
4. Go through the PPT on the Nazi police State together then Rally Coach the questions/reading on the last slide
5. Rally Robin then Paraphrase Passport the following:
i) How did the Nazis keep control 1933-39?
ii) Why was there so little opposition to the Nazis 1933-39

Plenary: Complete this Fling the Teacher quiz on the Nazi Police State

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