WALT: How important was the Hitler Myth in the rise and fall of the Nazi regime?

WILFs: Can describe and explain Goebbel's construction of the Hitler myth (D)...... Can compare and contrast the Hitler Myth and the Hitler reality (B) Can assess the significance of the Hitler myth in the rise then decline of the Nazis (A)

Lesson Development
1. Starter: Connect the learning: Find Someone Who Propaganda
 Make sure you get a different person to answer for each question. Its an open book exercise - answer in detail - time allowed 25minutes
2. Study this PPT on the Hitler Myth together
3. Using the PPT and your textbooks draw a table in Word and complete as below - Rally coach this table.


Hitler Myth

Hitler Reality



4. In groups of 4 create Quiz Quiz Trade cards for Propaganda and and Hitler Myth - review all the lessons on propaganda and this one
5. Mix the cards then play
6.Individual Work: Read and take notes from this History Today article
Consider: 1. How important was the Hitler myth in explaining Hitler's early support?
2. How important was the 'Hitler Myth' in rising opposition to the regime post 1943?
Plenary: Vision On - draw a picture which shows all the methods and messages of Nazi propaganda you can remember - no words, names or dates allowed ... then mix and share pictures - get three different people to interpret your diagram. Remember,  coach don't tell!

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