WALT: How do classical pluralists explain the distribution of power in modern society?

WILFS: Can define and deploy new key terms (E-D)....... can describe and explain the main features of pluralist theory (C) ...... Can evaluate pluralist theory against competing theory and use theoretical comparison and empirical evidence to either support or criticise pluralism (A)

Lesson development


Starter: Use this page and discuss the questions identified with your shoulder partner then come back for whole class discussion

1. Pair Up and Rally Coach these questions in Word using  your notes and books if needed ... try and agree your BEST answers. Time allowed 30 mins
2. B's rotate twice - review document in new pair - how can you improve it? B's return home and review original doc
3. Study this presentation on classical pluralism as a class and take notes (swf file Flash required)
4. Pair Up again and Rally Coach this exercise and the key terms exercise and print both
5. Plenary - in teams of 4 'Cover the Table' using post its with everything you've learnt about power and its distribution so far

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