WALT: What is the contribution of Functionalist theory to our understanding of education today?

WILFS: Can describe and explain key functionalist ideas and how they link together (C)... Can describe and explain the functionalist view of the role of education quoting Studies (B).... Can compare and contrast to other theory and evaluate (A)


Lesson Development

1. Starter - watch the first clip then discuss

2. Pair up and Rally Robin the Starter Worksheet

3. Mini Plenary: Stand and Share

4. Study the second clip on the role of education in the functionalist system and add to your notes

5. Mini Plenary - Quiz Quiz Trade

6. Study the Theory PPT together and take detailed notes - supplemet them with textbook and library notes

7. Complete the Cloze activity and drop into Word before printing

8. Plenary: repeat Quiz Quiz Trade



Extend your sociological knowledge by investigating the functionalist view of families and households, and the functionalist view of religion

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