WALT: How liberal were the 'liberal Tories?'

WILFs: Can describe the reforms of the 'liberal Tories (C)... Can analyse the reforms against the yardstick of liberalism and in termns of their significance (B) Can answer today's WALT in a supported and convincing judgement (A)


Lesson Development

Starter: Vision On - Draw a picture that shows what you know about Lord Liverpool's government 1812-22... no words, no pictures, then share with 3 people from three different tables. Interpret each others drawings


1. Study the Liberal Tory PPT together

2. Read link 1 and link 2 to extend your notes

3. Plenary: The Liberal Tory Quiz


Lesson 2

Starter: Vision On - Choose either the repressive Tories 1812-22 or the Liberal Tories 1822-29 and draw a picture to show events and personalities from that period. No words or numbers allowed, then interpret each other's diagrams with 3 different people from 3 different tables.


1. Quiz Quiz Trade *2 rounds - questions from Mr W

2. Study this PPt on Liberalism together and take notes

3. Toby Championship uses the QQ Trade cards - 2 groups - compete for cards

4. With your Study Buddy complete the interactive diagram

5. Extension - reading for an essay on today's WALT


in addition to your 2 text books and the links in lesson 1

'Britain 1815-51 Collier and Pedley Chapter 3

'Reforming Britain 1815-50' Scott-Baumann pages 32 -46, and

Illustrated History of Britain  Richards and Hunt pages 98-107
3. Make detailed notes on the following:
Economic and Trade reforms - Huskisson and Robinson and free trade measures
Domestic reforms - Peel, penal reform and the Met police
Social Reforms - Trade union reform, Francis place, Test and Corporation act, Catholic Emancipation

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