WALT: Why did the police find it hard to catch Jack the Ripper?

WILFs: Can list reasons why the police found the investigation difficult (D).... can describe and explain police diffciculties in relation to the site of the murders (B) .... can assess how important police difficulties and weaknesses were as a factor in explaining the site of the murders (A)

Lesson Development


1. Starter: Stand Up Hand Up Pair Up - promenade your partner - why do you think Jack the Ripper chose Whitechapel for his murders?
2. Stand and Share
3. Watch the clip - take notes on the problems the police had during the investigation
4. Compare notes on your table then Table Stand and Share
5. Rally Coach this worksheet with your shoulder partner

6. Mini Plenary: Form 3 circles and paraphrase passport everything you have learnt so far about Jack the Ripper

7. Now download the Controlled Assessment Pack and use the links to complete some background research for Question 1


Q1 How did the social, economic & political development of the Whitechapel area from the late 18th century contribute to it becoming an ideal environment for criminality & mass murder by the late 19th century? (20 Marks)



Controlled Asssessment Pack
Microsoft Word document [1.7 MB]

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