WALT: How did the Nazis use Art and Culture as propaganda and to what extent did they achieve their aims?

WILFs: Can describe the motives and policies towards Art and Culture (C)..... can compare and contrast Nazi Art and 'degenerate' Art giving examples.... can assess how successful the Nazis were in using Art and Culture as propaganda (A)

Lesson Development
Today's lesson is an exercise in independent learning. Use the 4B's throughout (Brain, Book, Buddy, Boss - in that order!)
1.  Starter: Pair up - promenade your partner for 3 minutes -Was life better or worse under the Nazis?. Stand and Share
2. Watch the film clip and take notes on today's WALT
3. Choose either the detailed PPT or the differentiated version -and take detailed notes
4. Complete both  the Weimar Cloze exercise and the Nazi Cloze exercise and print - what were the differences between Weimar Art and Nazi Art?

5. With your study buddy - bring what you have learnt today together and use your books and this link and this presentation (requires Flash) to answer the following questions:

a) What were the Nazis aims and objectives for Art and culture in Germany?
b) How was the control of Art and Culture organised by the Nazis
c) What was 'degenerate' Art? - give examples
d) Give examples of Nazi approved Art, Literature, film, music, architecture, sculpture and theatre and explain why they were Nazi approved

6. Swap partners/tables and compare answers
7. Quiz Quiz Trade - cards from your teacher
6. Plenary - Paraphrase Passport today's WALT Q. Form a circle of 6 and each add a point in answer to today's WALT. You must remember and recite what came first before you add your point.

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