WALT: How and why did the Nazis go from boycotting the jews to extermination?

WILFS: Can describe the key stages in the Nazis attack on the Jews (C) Can identify the roots of  antisemtism in the twentieth century (C) Can assess who was to blame for the holocaust in a suppoorted judgement (A)

Lesson Development


Starter: Study the timeline of antisemtism you made last lesson for 3 mins. Turn your book face down, select a partner from a different table - promenade for 5 minutes discussing the points on your timelines. When time is called return to your seats for Q and A with whole class.


1. Study the PPT and your textbooks and attempt to answer these questions


a) Why were so many Germans anti semitic in the 1930's?
b) How were outsiders other than Jews defined treated in Nazi Germany?
c) How did the Nazis treat Jews in Nazi Germany?
d) What was the Final Solutiuon and who was to blame for the Holocaust which followed?


2. Mini Plenary - Quiz Quiz Trade - cards from your teacher

3. With your shoulder partner - complete the Background exercise - and usethe text to draw up 4 reasons why people were anti semitic in Germany. Write them into your books under the title BACKGROUND TO ANTI SEMITISM.

4. Log on and complete the Key Words Exercise and print for your folders

5. With your partner work out the sentences exercises and write down each correct one as you progress.

6. Watch the Holocaust Documentary (warning it is upsetting)

7. Plenary: With a new partner - Promenade and discuss the following questions 1) What was the holocaust? 2) Who was to blame? 3) How should it be remembered?. When time is called return to your desks fro whole class review.

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