WALT: How successful was Nazi Propaganda?

WILFS: Can describe and explain key features of Nazi propaganda (D).....Can identify and explain key Nazi ideas and how they were promoted through propganda (C)..... Can evaluate the importance of propaganda to the NazI consolidation of power (B).... Can assess how successful propaganda was in both Hitler's rise to power AND in creating loyal Nazis once in power (A).

Lesson Development


Starter: Pair Up and make a list of what you can remember from last lesson about the key ideas the Nazis pushed through their propaganda and the methods they used.

Return to your table group and share your ideas.


1. Log on and read this PPT. What can you add to your lists?

2. Complete this Interactive Diagram making notes in your own words using the hints and your own knowledge.

3. Form groups of 5 - research the 2 linked readings and your textbooks - divide up this research task then after 20 mins come back together and share - then begin to construct your group presentation
a) how did the Nazis organise and promote propaganda after 1933?
b) how important was propaganda in the Nazi seizure of power?
c) how successful was propaganda in creating loyal Nazis 1933-39?
d) how have historians interpreted the role and success of propaganda differently?
e) what is meant by 'volksgemeinschaft' and why was this idea important to the Nazis

Plenary: What presentations are complete. Swap tables with another group and decide on a WWW and an EBI for the group you are observing

Now return to your desk. On a post it note write down an answer to today's WALT question and stick it on the main whiteboard before you leave noting the opinion of your colleagues.

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