WALT: How successful have New Right inspired education social policies been in the last 40 years?

WILFs: Can describe and explain key New Right ideas and concepts (C)... Can describe and explain educational social policies influenced by the New Right (C).... Can assess, challenge and evaluate New Right ideas (B)... Can evaluate the success of New Right educational social policy (A)


Lesson Development

Starter - Quiz Quiz Trade Social policy from Mr Walker


1. Read the New Right PPT and take summary notes

2. Using your new Eduqas books... Read pages 260-3 and answer these questrions


a) What does the NR believe the causes of educational underachievement are? Assess the validity of these views

b) Describe and explain 4 ways in which NR social policy has attempted to improve standards in schools

c) How might Marxists criticise NR educational social policy?

d) To what extent has NR educational social policy improved standards in schools?



i) Identify 4 polcies influenced by NR thinking

ii) Identify 4 features/aspects of NR thinking

iii) 2 arguments in favour and 2 against


ESSAY work

TITLE: How successful have social policies designed to improve educational standards been in the last 40 years?


Microsoft Power Point presentation [560.5 KB]

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