WALT: How well do functionalists and New Right theorists explain inequality in modern society?

WILFS: Can describe and explain key points in functionalist/NR theory (C)..... Can exemplify with specific examples of theorists accurately deployed (B).... Can evaluate the strengths and weakness of functionalist theory using evidence and alternative theories (A*)

Lesson Development


1. Starter : Connect the learning with Find Someone Who?

2. Quiz Quiz Trade cards from Mr Walker

3. PPT together - take detailed notes

4. In Pairs log on and Comple cloze 1 and cloze 2. Print and keep in folder

5. Directed revision - Read pages 216-19 and 240-44 refresh revision notes where necessary. Revise New Right Theory some more here

6. Plenary: Cover the Table: In teams of 5 use the post its provided to Cover the Table with what you have learnt to day (use the wilfs as a guide) without looking at your notes



Microsoft Power Point presentation [88.7 KB]

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