WALT: Why did Chartism Fail?

WILFs: Can identify reasons why Chartism failed (D).......Can explain and connect possible reasons why Chartism failed discriminating the importance of reasons (C-B)..... Can evaluate and support a judgement as to why Chartism failed (A) and challenge the assumption in the question by evaluating the 'success' of Chartism in the long term (A*)

Starter: Vision On - who were the Chartists and what did they believe in? Draw a picture that answers this Q - no words allowed, then interpret each others diagrams X3


Lesson development

Complete your newspaper articles started last week. Print enough copies for everyone, then share and review with your colleagues. You will to read and discuss the 2 articles you did not contribute to giving your colleague a www and an ebi


2. Find Someone Who


3. . Now return to your study buddy and take them to a computer - use the links to make a list of the reasons why chartism failed
4. Stand and share
5. Now, again using your lists your buddy and your books Rally Coach a causal diagram to show why the Chartists failed to win the 6 Points of the Charter in the 


Plenary - Complete the summary exercise individually and print







Microsoft Word document [34.5 KB]

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