WALT: How do postmodernists explain the distribution of power in modern society?

WILFs: Can describe the key features of a postmodernist view of society(C). Can campare and contrast to alternative views of power.... Can assess the validity of the postmodernist view of power in modern society in a suported judgement (A)

Lesson Development

1. Find Someone Who starter and warm up
2. Review PoMo introduction PPT and take notes on the main points
3. Read pages 212-213 of your A2 textbooks (Collins) and take detailed notes on Foucault/postmodernism/poststructuralism and power
4. Promenade a partner a round the room - how convincing is postmodernism on power and its distribution?

5. Return to your computer and play the dustbin game to check your understanding (flash required)
Plenary: Vision on - draw a picture showing everything you understand about post modernism, power and politcs. No words allowed, then share and interpret each others diagrams remmebering to 'coach don't tell'


Homework or Extension : Rally Coach worksheet

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