WALT: What have been the main education social policies  from 1945?

WILFS: Can describe and explain main state policies, their motives and their impact from 1945 (C)... Can evaluate motive and impact in a sustained judgement using theory and evidence (A)


Starter: Make a list of all state policies you can remember in the format below then share.

Read throught the revision guides and add to your lists









Lesson Development


1.  Study PPT 1 


2. Complete the  Cloze on The Tripartite System and the Comprehensive system - Print copies 

3. Mini plenary crossword


4. Now Read through the Factsheet and add to your policy lists. Complete the check your understanding questions at the bottom of the sheet


5. Now study the presentation on the Education Reform Act 1988, take notes then complete the Evaluating Social Policy cloze


6. Complete the Interactive Diagram


7. Quiz quiz Trade ( questions form Mr Walker)


5. Plenary: Vision On.

Draw a picture to show an educational social policy. Try and include its main features, aims and consequences. No words no numbers. When time is called interpret each others drawings

Microsoft Power Point presentation [138.5 KB]

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