WALT: How valid is the interpretation of the people and problems of Whitechapel shown in the film clip?

WILFs: Can highlight some strengths and weaknesses of the interpretation and draw simple conclusions based on some discussion of other evidence including sources A-C (C).... Can make a supported judgement 'How valid' is the interpretation showing an understanding of the provenance of the source and in comparison to the other evidence (B).... Can make a complex and well supported and sustained judgement supported by appropriately selected evidence and a full discussion of sources A-C and evidence gathered on the visit (A)



Lesson Development
1. Starter - Promenade your face partner - what were the people of Whitechapel like and what problems did they face?
2. Stand and Share
3. Watch the film clip - What does it portary accurately and what does it portray inaccurately?
4. Share your notes on your table



5. Promenade you partner... How true a picture does the film paint of both whitechapel and the ripper case... Be prepared to support the judgements you make

6.  Stand and share

7.  Now on your tables using sources A-C ... Do the sources support or contradict the interpretation shown in the film

8. Plenary: Mix Pair Share

A) Why did Jack the Ripper choose Whitechapel

B) What are the strengths and weaknesses of the film as an accurate depiction of Whitechapel

C) What might limit the reliability of a movie clip as historical evidence


9. Now using the Guidance document strat researching your answer

Guidance for Question 2.docx
Microsoft Word document [254.2 KB]

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