Essential A Level Revision Sociology of Families and Households

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Step 1: Interactive Exam Practice

Check your progress against my model answers acrooss 10 examination questions


Step 2: Use your Revision Pack and your knowledge to work through the following revision diagrams on key areas of the syllabus


Diagram 1: The Functionalist View of the Family


Diagram 2: The Marxist View of the Family


Diagram 3: The Feminist View of the Family


Diagram 4: Rising Divorce


Diagram 5: Family Diversity


Diagram 6: The Family and Social Policy


Diagram 7: Functionalism revision


Step 3: Games, tests and Quizzes. Practice makes perfect!


Perspectives on the Family Walk the Plank


The Family and Industrialisation Walk the Plank


Key words Countdown


Families Grade or No Grade


Families Crossword


Grade or No Grade 2


Key Words Time Quiz with Reading


The Big Quiz (28 multiple choice questions)


Walk the Plank Divorce


Critical Views of the Family Crossword


Divorce Quiz with Revision Reading


Grandparents Cloze


Step 4: Online Revision Lessons


Review the presentations and activities within these formal lessons on key areas of your syllabus


Lesson 1: Introduction key terms  What is the Family and perspectives


Lesson 2: Feminism and the New Right


Lesson 3: Functionalism and the Family


Lesson 4: Marxism and the Family


Lesson 5: Feminism and the Family


Lesson 6: Roles within Families - parents, children, grandparents


Lesson 7: Conjugal roles PPT/ Conjugal roles activity


Lesson 8: Family Diversity and Divorce


Lesson 9: Demography and the Family


Step 5: External Revision Documents (see below)

Family and Households.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [154.7 KB]
Copy of Family Short Question Cards - 1[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [141.2 KB]

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