Lesson 2

WALT: How does Marxism explain inequality in modern society?


WILFS: Can describe the key features of the Marxist critique of capitalism, class and inequality (C), can compare and contrast Marxism to other theories of Inequality (B), .... can evaluate how well Marxism explains inequality in society using theory and empirical evidence (A)



Lesson Development


1. Starter - Connect the learning:

Pair Share

a) Name 3 functionalists and outline how they attempt to explain inequality

b) What is the New Right and what have New Right ideas contributed to our understanding of societal inequality in modern society?


Now QQ Trade with yesterday's cards on functionalism/NR


2. Now Pair up and using Marxism revision sheets below) review what you know about Marxism in the different areas of the course. Swap sheets with a pair from another area of the room, add, annotate then return.


3. Quiz Quiz Trade on Marxism from Mr Walker


With a different partner;

4. Go through  PPT 1 together comparing Functionalism to Marxism take notes as required

5. Log on and in Pairs Rally Coach the Cloze activity


6. Mini Plenary: Round Table:

i) Give three or more reasons why marxists oppose capitalism

ii) Describe the theory of the Labour theory of value in as much detail as possible

iii) How do Marxists define class and how can their definition be criticised

iv) What are the differences between functionalist and Marxist explanations of Inequality

v) How can Marxism be criticised?


7. Independent Study - study the extensive PPT 2 on Marxism which revisies in detail all sections of the course (Education, Families, Culture, Crime, Inequality). Take detailed notes and ask questions of your teacher as they arise.


6. Plenary: Vision On: Draw a picture showing what you know about Marxist sociology (no words or numbers). Try and include as many aspects of the course as possible. When time is called interpret each others pictures X3

Revision Sheet Marxism.docx
Microsoft Word document [13.2 KB]
Theories of Stratification.ppt
Microsoft Power Point presentation [358.0 KB]
Microsoft Power Point presentation [1.5 MB]

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