WALT: Who was more significant Pasteur or Koch?

WILFs: Can compare and contrast and contributions of Pasteur and Koch in detail (C-B).... Can explain how FACTORS combined to facilitate progress (B).... Can evaluate who was the most significant using the 4Rs (A-A*)


Lesson Development

Starter: Revise Pasteur's contribution in the Quiz Quiz Trade

1. With your Study Buddy - Partner A use this page and Partner B the textbook - you have 10 mins to find out the contribution of Kock to the history of medicine. Try and record a minimum of FIVE points

2. Stand and Share

3. Watch the film and take detailed notes on both Pasteur and Koch









4. Mini Plenary- Promenade as new partner - who was more important Pasteur or Koch? Be prepared to support your answer


5. Back with your Study Buddy - complete the Cloze and print and then the FACTORS Interactive Diagram

6. Plenary - Individual write an answer to today's WALT in your book. Support your answer with reasons and with reference to the 4Rs

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