WALT: Why was public health so bad during the Industrial Revolution 1750-1850?

WILFs: Can define and deploy key terms (D)..... Can describe how and identify causes why public health regressed (C)... can  explain why public health regressed comparing FACTORS (B). Can assess the reasons why public health regressed using FACTORS (A)


Starter - Starter: Connect the learning: Vision On - draw a picture to show either Roman Public health or Medieval public Health - then share your pictures with 3 different people from three different tables


study the handout and answer today's WALT in a list

1. Stand and Share

2. Now watch the clip and add to your lists

3. Study the PPT

3. Log onto a computer and complete the Cloze - Rally coach with your shoulder partner

4. Plenary - form circles of 7 people - play the memory game Paraphrase Passport for today's WALT

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