WALT: How have recent trends in educational achievement by ethnic group been explained?

WILFs: Can describe the impact of in school and out side school factors (C).... Can describe and  evaluate the research of Leon Tikly and dual heritage pupils (B-A)


Lesson Development

Starter:After reading the revision notes handout play Revision Quiz Quiz Trade (cards from Mr Walker)


1. Complete the cloze exercise on Religion and the cloze exercise on In and Out school factors. print both and stick in your book


2. Note notes on the summary PPT


3. Mini Plenary: Pair Share: 1) What patterns of achievement by ethnicity can be seen to day?

2) What best explains these patterns?


4. Go to the Recent Trends Lesson linked below and with your Study Buddy follow the 3 steps


5. Plenary: Find Someone Who

Plenary Find Someone Who
Microsoft Word document [34.5 KB]

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