WALT: How should we remember Pitt?

WILFs: Can describe Pitt's policies and achievements 1783-1801 (D)...... Can compare and contrast strengths and weaknesses (C-B)..... Can compare and contrast interpretations of Pitt the younger (B-A)


Lesson Development

1. Starter - Stand Up Hand Up and Pair up. Promenade your partner and discuss today's WALT

2. Review the PPT together, take detailed notes

3. Complete the Cloze exercise and print

4. With a new partner Rally Robin lists using the format below


How should we remember Pitt?

Points of praise

Points of criticism




5. Stand and Share

5. Now investigate the links and add to your lists. Please note you will need a password from Mr Walker for the History Today articles.

6. Use the writing Frame to write your own interpretation of Pitt the Yonger

How should we remember Pitt/
Microsoft Power Point presentation [88.5 KB]
Writing Frame on Pitt
Microsoft Word document [26.5 KB]

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