WALT: Why did Whitechapel become such a centre for social problems and crime 1800-1900?

WILFs: Can recall key facts about the Jack the Ripper Case studied so far (C)... Can explain reasons why Whitechapel became such a centre for crime and social problems (B).. Can evaluate reasons and come to a supported judgement (A)


SMSC Focus: ethical judgements - social versus individualistic explanations for criminal activity

Religion - decline of religion in the 19th century as an explanation of the Jack the Ripper case


Lesson Development


Starter: Draw a picture - no words no numbers to show what you have learnt about Jack the Ripper and Whitechapel so far

Share and interpret with 3 different people from 3 different tables.


1. Quiz Quiz Trade to consolidate WILF 1


Mini Plenary: Pair Share:

1. Who were the victims and how did they die?

2. Why was Jack the Ripper never caught? 4 reasons min.

3. What was it about Whitechapel and its development which made mass murder and the avoidance of detection easy? 6 reasons minimum


2. Pair up and log on

Complete a Diamond 9 diagram to answer today's WALT. Explain the order of your choices in the oblong on the right of diagram. Use your source pack and your notes to support your answer


3. Rally Coach this interactive diagram


Stretch and Challenge - Use this A Level detailed PPT  and this support link to help you construct your diagrams


Plenary: Paraphrase Passport Today's WALT


Writing Frame
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