WALT: What will I take from today and apply to my teaching?

WILFs: Can recall and recount elements of today's imput ..... Can select 2 powerful ideas and commit to using them in own teaching


Introduction: Why Kagan and Kagan Structures with Mr Walker (5 mins)

1. Giant Quiz Quiz Trade - Kagan TLC delegates to give out cards (5 mins)

2. New Kagan structure from Ms Upton and Mr Defreitas (10 mins)

3. Find Someone Who - Kagan TLC members to give out sheets (5 mins)

4. Plenary: Promenade your partner and discuss 2 ideas you are going to apply to your own teaching

5. Stand and Share (5 mins)


Why Kagan? Discussion PPT



Microsoft Word document [35.0 KB]

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