WALT: What does postmodernism contribute to our understanding of inequality and society? 

WILFs: Can describe and explain key points in post modernist though (C)

Can compare and contrast to different theories, explaining key terms and giving example sociologists (B)

Can evaluate the contribution of post modernism to our understanding of inequality and society using other theory and evidence (A)

Lesson Development 

1. Starter: Brainstorm the synoptic starter then Stand and Share
2. Study the PPT together and take notes on the main points
3. In groups  construct a digital revision document on your allocated topic and write 16 QQ Trade cards to accompany the document


Group A: What are the key theoretical Ideas and theorists of post modernism?

Group B:: What is the post modernist view of Culture, Family and Education?

Group C: What is the post modernist view of Crime and Social Inequality?


4. Share your resource with the other groups
11. Complete the summary interactive diagram on Inequality - Rally coach with your partner and print
12. Plenary: Key Word Space Invaders

Microsoft Word document [13.9 KB]
Microsoft Power Point presentation [190.5 KB]

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