WALT: How did the outbreak of war and then 'Total War' change life in Nazi Germany?

WILFs: Can describe and explain how war changed the lives of workers, peasants women, young people, levels of persecution, nature of propaganda, general morale and levels of opposition in Nazi Germany (D-C).... Can evaluate the significance and impact of the 'Total War' Speech on morale and life in Nazi Germany (B), Can assess and evaluate levels of continued support for the Nazis in the latter stages of the War (A)

Lesson Development

1. Review  either the introductory or advanced PPT,  and then  the film clip together - Key Question - how did war change life in Nazi Germany? Then share ideas around your table

2. Read pages 114-142 of AQA book and create two Mind Maps include the following as branches:

Early War:1939-41 - morale, rationing, Workers, Women, Youth

Later War 1942-45 Total War - events 41-42, Total War Speech, Workers, Women, Youth, mass bombing and morale, Resistance - Communist - Church - Youth - White Rose - Military Plots

3. Pass the Parcel the Mind Maps X4  when the music stops take your colleagues mind map back to your desk and- read, add, annotate, illustrate, develop then return to owner

4. In your revision Twin choose one part (a) and one part (b) from the list below and prepare for timed
exam practise on Thursday

5. Homework and exam prep.... Make sure you have detailed notes on opposition to the Nazis in the 1940's -
Church, Youth, White Rose, KPD, Jewish, Military using the linked page and your


Use the links below and your texts for your research.

Plenary: In your table group of 4 Open and Complete All Write Consensus

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